Backyard Monster - Instant Resources

Cheat Engine

1. Open BYM & CE
2. Open process, check Also Scan Read Only Memory & change Value type into Array of Bytes
3. Scan this code c7 45 80 fe 00 00 00 85 ff
4. This will found 1 addresses that matched with your last scan, right click & disassemble
5. On top of the highlighted address you'll see the 1st movq xmm1 ,[ebp-00000120]
6. double click and edit the code to movq xmm1 ,[ebp-00001008] and ok
7. Your resources should be full after a min or less

Sometimes the right black code resides from the other black addresses found from the memory region.

How to make this code resources works faster as 2sec per full reso?

- From the tab google chrome or any browser open a new tab together with BYM tab.

- From the 2nd tab that you've opened just click any link you would like,before it reloads the said page go back to your BYM and it should be full in just a sec.

- And do it repeatedly to gain more resources.

How to make this code continuous and multiple full reso?

- Using the trick above when your resources is full, bank all and before it hits the town hall go to the 2nd tab that you've recently opened and fast as 1 sec get back again to your BYM and you'll notice while your BYM is banking all the reso it'll be full again and ready again to bank all. - And do it repeatedly to gain more resources.

Credits : siel13-zerohack

Uber Strike - All Glitch

Credits : MsDeadman1998

Credits : ProAzn1

Credits : UberstrikeGlitch